05 Mart 2023
400 - 600
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İş haqqında

BF Travel is elani 2023

İş barədə məlumat
– Dealing with managers of organized travel groups, travel agencies; accepting and forwarding tourists
– Receiving and processing calls
– Telephone consultation for clients
– Dealing with e-mails
– Calculating the price of tours
– Leading customers from the moment of calling to returning from tour
– Controlling payment for tours
– Searching and booking hotels, transport, museums, public catering points (café, restaurant)
– Creating and calculating new tours
– Dealing with contracts of hotels, museums, transport companies
– Working with guides
– Working Hours:
– Monday to Friday from – 10:00am – 18:00pm
– Saturday 10:00am -15:00pm

Namizədə tələblər
– Relevant work experience is desirable
– To have own database of the foreign partners
– Work experience in tourism is must (receiving, sending)
– Advanced user of Microsoft Office
– Higher education
– Aptitude for learning, willingness to learn
– Logical thinking
– Ability to work quickly
– Ability to distinguish the key point of work

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