Jr. Sous Chef vakansiya 2023

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Holiday Inn Baku vakansiya 2023

Main duties:
Ensure consistent and smooth running of food production
Ensure effective stock purchase, its receipt and storage
Ensure that working areas are always kept clean
Assist other kitchen staff as need arises
Supervise performance of kitchen staff to ensure proper activity
Perform other administrative tasks as will be communicated by superiors
Ensure that required standards are adhered to in the production and preparation of food – in quality, quantity and safety
Work towards exceeding customer’s expectation by encouraging and promoting high level of service
Ensure all complaints, inquiries, and suggestions by customers are attended to accordingly
Give appropriate support or guidance to members of kitchen when need arises
Resolve possible disputes within the kitchen and report any unresolved
Promote good team spirit regularly
Ensure all dishes are prepared according to specification and served at the correct quality, portion size, and temperature
Partly responsible for the preparation of kitchen cleaning rosters and the supervision of cleaning schedules
Prepare substitute items
Ensure that the kitchen staff work harmoniously in order to ensure timely production of quality foods
Ensure proper arrangement and garnishing of food
Manage food logs
Monitor the quality and quantity of food prepared
Assist in recruiting, hiring, and training employee cooks
Candidate requirements:
Passion for food: someone who enjoys the process of food preparation and creating menus
A good sense of business; to be efficient and cost-effective
Experience of working in a professional kitchen or similar position
Effective communication skills
Kitchen experience and management
Ability to cope under stressful conditions
Ability to work effectively as part of a team

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